Should I Buy My .Lawyer Domain Name?

In the past couple of years, the question of whether a lawyer should purchase their DOT LAWYER (.lawyer) domain name has been a topic of discussion.

The release of this extension has led many to believe that it is some form of an opportunity. Well, is it? That is the question right?

Let’s analyze the question

.lawyer domain nameI take on countless clients in many service industries, and when I look into their web properties, I discover that they own all of the top level domains for their business name. The first question I ask myself is “why”? Do they believe that they are the next McDonald’s or even Johnny Cochran? And even if they were, a domain name has no value to someone other than the “brand” owner. You could not go out and purchase a domain name that included McDonalds unless you were actually a “McDonald”, and even then, the website could not be built around the franchise, as that would be trademark infringement.

The only time this would be worth your while is if you had a plan to make your new .lawyer domain name into your main business’ website. Even then, is it worth the hassle of transferring everything over?

You are an attorney, and I would bet my last dollar that your potential clients could care less if your domain name is .com, .net, .idontcare, or .lawyer. All they care about is if you can provide them the services that they need to get out of whatever situation life has put them in.

Think of it like a new trend. It works for a minute, but don’t think about putting those bell bottomed pants on in 2016 (unless of course you are Sonny & Cher).

What if My Competitors Snatch It Up?

First of all, let them. What are they going to do with it? Are they going to pay an attorney marketing firm to rank their new .lawyer website with your brand name? I hardly think so.

And if they do, well, let’s just say they may as well hand over the keys to the kingdom.

So, Do I Buy .lawyer or Not?

If you plan to build out your new DOT LAWYER domain name and use it to generate more traffic for your business, then by all means, add it to your shopping cart. But if you are simply buying it because it has .lawyer attached to it, I am afraid that you may be disappointed in what results would actually come of it.

You are better to spend your time promoting your main business website, which in turn will raise brand awareness and increase your bottom line.

Save that $50 for a new tie or 1/2 of a pair of shoes, and focus on what is important; your current website, and the amount of traffic coming to it.

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