Lawyer SEO Case Study

Because we want you to know that we get results for our clients, we are providing a case study to show you real client results from search engine optimization. The information given is real, accurate, and repeatable.

We believe in giving you something that you can see, rather than just us telling you what we can do for your law firm.

Who Is This Client?

This case study is a DUI Attorney in a city of approximately 200,000 people. This client came to us out of shear desperation. He was not attracting any clients from the internet, and I mean ZERO. He had built this practice off of referrals, and when those referrals began dying off, there were no new clients coming in. It was literally a one-man-firm with no assistant at the time he reached out for our help.

When I met with the client, I knew that it was make-it-or-break-it for him. This did not worry me, however, the client was obviously strapped for cash. I felt like I was offering him a ticket for the lottery, but regardless, he knew that the only way to attract new clients was to be present online.

What Was the Problem?

While there are many factors that come into play when taking on a new client, here are the top 4 that we noticed right out of the gate:

  1. His website had been created on the WordPress platform, which was great, however, it was not mobile friendly.
  2. No on-page SEO had been done to the site.
  3. The website was 5 years old, which in the online world is considered somewhat aged, however, it had almost no traffic, no trust, and was ultimately invisible to online searchers.
  4. The website had not one single backlink.

Where Did We Start With SEO?

  • The first thing was to create a website that was mobile friendly.
  • We reorganized the website, as we found after looking into his analytics that the bounce rate was extremely high.
  • Completed all of the on-page search engine optimization strategies that will hinder any campaign if not done correctly.
  • Analyzed the competitors, keywords, etc.
  • Corrected all site errors.
  • Began a branding campaign.
  • Started a link-building campaign.

The Results…

This campaign is a perfect case study, as it was the equivalent of starting from scratch. His website may as well have been built the day he hired us. Most SEO campaigns have some trail of optimization, even if a search engine optimization agency was never hired to perform it, but that was simply not the case. It was probably one of the hardest clients to maintain, as most clients want to see some form of progression fairly soon.

This optimization plan took nearly 10 months to get the results he were hoping for, but the clients that he was obtaining as it progressed were enough to allow us to keep moving forward. After all, even 1 client coming from his website was more than he was getting before.

The image below represents actual keywords that were entered into Google’s search engine, and clicking on our clients website.  We have removed some of the terms/words for privacy reasons, but what you can see is that he received nearly 500 clicks to his website in month 7 of the SEO campaign, and they are hot keywords, and more importantly, competitive keywords.

Keyword #4 is “city + DUI attorney”, and this keyword alone is worth nearly $35 per click if he were paying for Google Adwords. This means that for this keyword alone, it would have cost our client approximately $1,050 for one month’s worth of traffic on one single keyword. He is now ranking #2 in the organic listings for this particular keyword and is also ranking #2 in the maps, otherwise known as the 3 pack.

You can read more about organic SEO vs. paid advertising here.




Statistics of website visitors show that the average conversion rate is 5%, but let’s just say it was 2.5%. This tells us that out of 482 visitors to his website in one month, he should be able to convert approximately 7 new clients. Now, I know what a DUI client is worth to an attorney, so there is no question that his ROI from our services is more than he had anticipated.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a score given by Google to determine how visitors are interacting with your website. The lower the bounce score, the better you are in terms of getting in the good graces of Google. Our client’s bounce rate was literally off the charts (nearly 100%). The visitors were leaving before the page even loaded. Take a look at the chart below, as it shows how we drastically decreased his bounce rate.

law firm bounce rate decreased


What you see above is the average time that a visitor stays on the page. Our client’s bounce rate went from mere seconds to over 5 minutes, and many times even longer. These are real graphs taken directly from Google Analytics.

The End Result

This client has gone from zero traffic to generating more clients than he ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. Throughout this campaign, our client has accomplished 2 very important things:

  1. Hired an assistant
  2. Opened an actual law office, and quit working out of his home

We know what the potential of our service includes, but we also understand that it is not obvious to someone who is not getting the same results. This is the reason that we wanted to take the time to show you that online traffic is real, it is viable, and it is how potential clients are looking for your services.

There is no form of paid advertising that can produce this type of traffic without breaking the bank, particularly if you are a small law firm. You are placing your firm directly in view of those who need your services.

Below is a screenshot of a conversion rate calculator, where we entered an extremely reasonable conversion rate of just over 1%. From our client’s website visitors of 483 in one month, this calculator tells us that at the very least, he should have converted at least 5 of those visitors into clients. We also took an average of what a DUI client is worth to an attorney, and the end result was $25,000 in sales. Obviously this is not a promise, as every attorney does not have the same close rate, but it is safe to say that you should be able to convert at least 1% of your traffic into a paying client.

conversion rate attorney website


We want you to know that your law firm is in goods hands with us, and that is a promise. While we cannot promise how much traffic your website will get, where your rankings will be, and what type of increased revenue your law firm will generate, we can promise that we will provide the best SEO services for your practice, and we will not stop until we get you where you want to be.

If you are ready to take your law firm to the next level, we are ready to help get you there.